How NACM Services Corp Can Help You

Thank you for your interest in NACM Services Corp. We are certain that we can provide you with the top quality service that the construction industry has come to expect from one of the largest Notice to Owner companies in the state of Florida.

A Notice to Owner is prerequisite for recording a lien. Pertaining to the construction industry, any company or individual working for someone other than the owner must file a Notice to Owner to ensure property lien rights. Certified copies must be sent to the owner, general contractor, bonding company, and lending institution, depending on the individual situation. The aforementioned parties must receive the Notice to owner within 45 days of your job start date.

Full Service Notice to Owner - Application

NACM offers electronic NTO service for both Full Service and Do-It-Yourself Notice to Owner Customers. You can request your NTOs through NACM's website through a private secure password. The website also allows you to track your NTOs to see their status and what day they were mailed. You can print your copy of the NTO off the website as soon as it is ready! Best of all, when it is time to prepare a Release of Lien, Sworn Statement of Account, and many other forms, you can automatically print them using the data directly from the NTO. No more typing long legal descriptions - the website does it for you!

Do-It-Yourself Notice To Owner - Application

As a 'Do-It-Yourself' Notice to Owner customer you will do all of the research and enter the information on-line under your own username and password. NACM Tampa will print and mail your on-line Notice to Owner requests each business morning. You are able to review your requests at any time prior to printing and make changes as needed. You are also able to print copies of the NTOs and have complete access to the all release forms.

Please print and complete the appropriate application form and fax to 813-289-4261. If you have any questions regarding our Notice To Owner Services or these applications, please contact Joy Bodoh at:

NACM Tampa
5521 West Cypress St., Suite 200
Tampa, Florida 33607
800 / 329-6226 ext. 137
fax 813 / 864-9887