In-Depth Review: Commercial Credit Reporting and Trade Group Management Services

Automated, Private Group Databases

Members submit their monthly Accounts Receivable data using the following electronic transfers:

  • Email Submission
  • File transfer via FTP

Members' Accounts Receivable data can be submitted using standard industry formats:

  • NACM Tampa Reporting Format
  • D&B or Experian Reporting Formats may accepted

All Group database maintenance is performed on a continual basis by NACM Tampa:

  • Members can access their private Group database using any type of browser however Microsoft IE7 or later is recommended
  • Full-time, on-site MIS Staff available for Member support and assistance at any time

NACM Tampa Commercial Credit Reporting

  • National Trade Credit Report
  • Information is derived from the member's monthly accounts receivable contributions
  • Tradeline trending is automatically generated
  • Reports include alert information, credit scoring, collection information, and previous inquiries from members.
  • Available 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week via direct, easy-to-use on-line access and the world wide web.
  • Tradeline Profiling feature reviews prior 12 months of contributions by members

Alert Reporting

Pertinent report information includes any information about the account to include but not limited to:

  • NSF Checks, Bankruptcies, Write Offs, Collections, Fraud,

Express Notification:

In case of urgent or critical Alert information, you can use our exclusive Express Group Notification feature. This module is utilized when a member has critical information that needs to be distributed immediately to the entire group. Critical is defined as bankruptcy, fraud or other items that cannot wait for the next group alert report. Once NACM Tampa reviews the information and warrants that it is urgent, all members of the group will receive it by email.

Past Due and Account Monitoring

Account Monitor feature - Members provide criteria for "Account Monitor" (specific time-period and dollar ranges for Past Due and Alerts); Customers matching criteria are reported when Members access the system

CIC Credit Scoring

The NACM credit scoring tool was designed to assess credit worthiness using a detailed statistical analysis of a Business Subject's files and industry markers. Credit scoring typically uses observations or data from subjects or companies who defaulted on their loans plus observations on a large number of companies who have not defaulted. The score was developed not as a score of past performance, but as a PREDICTION of potential delinquency on paymnts.

Statistical Reporting

The Account Statistics Report is a recap of all the accounts individual members submitted on their last electronic A/R submission to the Association. The recap calculates the CIC score on each of the accounts you submitted and the results are totaled by the CIC score class. In each class there is a total of the number of the accounts in that category and the dollar exposure volume of those accounts. With each total is calculated the percentage of the entire account base. The graph which follows the reoprt total is a graphical representation of the dollar volume totals from the report, so you can visually see the amount of your exposure from all your accounts which fall into the CIC scoring categories. The date on this report reflects your A/R report date.

Professional Meeting Management by Certified Group Administrators - CGA with education and Assigned CEU points.

  1. Meeting Agenda, format, materials, locations - specified and designed by Membership
  2. Meeting Arrangements, contracts, food & beverage and much more - all coordinated by NACM Tampa

Our Services

  1. Industry Specific Trade Group Management - National, Regional, and Local
  2. First Bureau to Develop "Private Database" Concept for Groups
  3. Expert Staff (Certified Meeting Planners - CMP) - Years of Experience in Group Management and member customer service