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In an effort to streamline our data-processing of AR files NACM Tampa is starting a project to convert all members over to FTP submission of their monthly data. This will eliminate files being emailed to our data submission email box.

What is FTP:

  • FTP or File Transfer Protocol is the transfer of data from one computer to another using the internet.
  • Each member will have their own secure folder in which to transfer their data.
  • FTP members are restricted from accessing another member's FTP folder by use of unique user names and passwords.

Advantages of FTP:

  • The main advantage is the speed and security of transfer without the bother of spam filters.
  • No hindrance of file size with FTP as there sometime is with email.

Moving toward FTP:

  • For those members who have an IS Department to create the monthly file, the use of FTP can be an automated process at month end.
  • For those members who do not have an IS Department and will be creating the file on their own desktop we can provide a link to the software to make the FTP transition painless and simple.

If you have an IS person you would like us to contact in regard to this. Please email that contact information to Mike Jones at We appreciate your cooperation & assistance with this.